Your Guide to Generator Selection

Experience personalized power solutions by discovering the Generac generator that perfectly fits your needs with our expert support.

Generac's OHVI® Engine

The only engine designed specifically for extended generator use.

Generator Experts

Extensive, nationwide dealer network specializing in generators.

Versatile Solutions

Broadest home generator product line install the exact solution for any backup power need.

Effortless Setup

Easiest installation on the market with our pre wired solutions.

Electrical Safety Assessments

Earned the Seal of the Good Housekeeping Research Institute

Proven Track Record

With a history spanning over 50 years, Generac has consistently demonstrated reliability, earning the trust of customers worldwide.

Generac OHVI® Engine

Uniquely designed with pressurized oil lubrication, ensures generators can run for extended periods, offering a remarkable three to four times longer lifespan compared to many competitors. This exceptional durability addresses the crucial need for reliability during prolonged emergency backup situations.

Low oil pressure protection

Engine shuts down when low oil level or overheated oil is detected.

Pressurized lubrication system

Lubricates oil directly to every critical area from start up to shut down.

Automotive grade spin-on filter

Uses an automotive grade oil filter for efficient dirt and carbon removal.

Rapid response governor

Maximizes engine performance and virtually eliminates stalling.

Choosing the right generator for your needs.

Decide what items are important to you in a power outage. These items are powered through circuits in your breaker box. The number of chosen circuits determines your generator size. Use this chart as a guide to determine the power you need.

*For multiple A/C units check with our team for installation options.
Rooms and appliances indicated here are for example only.
Professional sizing is recommended.

Choose your package

How much power do you need?

With the broadest product line in the industry, Generac ensures the best possible backup power system for every homeowner. Take some time to consider homeowner requirements to develop an accurate solution.

Essential Circuit

Cover just the basics.
(7 to 17 kW)
Ideal for homeowners covering a minimal number of rooms during a power outage, offering both a perfect fit and remarkable cost effectiveness.
+ 50 Amp Transfer Switch

Pre wired EZ Switch™

Managed Whole House

More coverage with less generator.
(8 to 20 kW)
Smart power management designed for situations where not all appliances are likely to be used simultaneously.

Nexus Smart Switch ™


Nexus™ LTS

Complete Whole House

Cover every circuit all the time.
(8 kW and up)
Larger generators ensuring immediate power to all circuits without waiting for appliances to take turns during outages.
+ Nexus Smart Switch™

Standby Protection for Home or Business

Generacs broad range of sizes offers choices for enough protection to back up only a few essential circuits or every circuit in the house.

Corepower™ System 7 kW

Best automatic standby generator value on the market covers your homes essential circuits.
  • Packaged with 50 Amp, eight circuit load center with breakers.
  • Roof and three of the four sides remove for easy accessibility.
  • At least 10 dB(A) quieter than competitive units and significantly quieter than a standard portable unit.
  • Digital controller with LED light status and fault indicators.
  • All weather composite enclosure withstands the harshest environments, including coastal areas.

Guardian® Series 8, 10, 14, 17, 20 kW

The #1 selling home standby generator covers a homes essential circuits or when combined with a load shedding switch, whole house protection.
  • Automatic, hands free backup power supply for home or business.
  • Kicks in within ten seconds of determining power loss.
  • TruePower Technology provides clean, smooth operation of sensitive electronics.
  • Simple field conversion from LP to natural gas.
  • System status LED light and main circuit breaker.
  • 17 kW features Quiet Test mode for the a weekly self test that’s quieter than other brands.
  • 17 kW includes external GFCI outlet and is available with an optional aluminum enclosure.
  • Aluminum enclosure is standard and highly recommended for coastal climates.
  • Base fascia for added protection against debris & rodents.
  • Prepackaged unit available with the Nexus Smart Switch for up to whole house coverage.
  • External GFCI outlet.

Guardian® Series 25, 30, 45, 60kW

The higher kW nodes of Generacs Guardian Series are ideal for larger homes and small businesses.

  • A reliable automotive style, liquid cooled engine ensures whole house power protection for larger homes and small to medium sized businesses like convenience stores, restaurants, and offices.
  • Continuous fuel choices in LP and natural gas offer cleaner burning fuel solutions than traditional diesel engines.
  • The best liquid cooled engine packs more power into less footprint than competitive models.
  • Neutral styling, color and small footprint fits unobtrusively into landscaping.
  • Single phase.
*Need three phase options or more than 60 kW? Ask about Generacs commercial custom generators.

QuietSource® Series 22, 27, 36, 48 kW

Premium features are standard on the ultimate standby generator. These units are powered by a low speed engine for extra quiet operation and come standard with an aluminum enclosure. QuietSource generators also include all the features of the Guardian Series 25 60 kW.
  • Ideal for homes requiring higher kW backup for amenities such as additional living areas, garages and air conditioners, pools, greenhouses, guest houses, mother in law suites, medical needs and more.
  • Powerful low speed, liquid cooled engine is engineered to run at only 1800 rpm for a substantially quieter generator, consuming less fuel and giving both the engine and alternator a longer life.
  • Standard aluminum, all weather enclosure provides the ultimate protection from the elements. Aluminums corrosion resistance prolongs the life of your generator and is highly recommended for salt air, coastal locations.

More about Generac Generators

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